Case Results

Here are some of our most recent case results:

Villas Del Rey HOA v. Roshan    Case No. 2:17 ap 01516 in Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court. June 11, 2019. Our client was sued for one million two hundred thousand dollars ($1,200,000.00) for "willfully destroying the plumbing." We won at trial and the judge cited the authority that we provided in our trial brief in his decision.

Turlington v. Grover    Case No. 16-05083 in San Jose Bankruptcy Court. April 25, 2018. Our client falsely told the plaintiff that he owned land with equity in Washington State when he borrowed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00). We won at trial despite testimony by witnesses who had been told the same false facts and who had also loaned Mr. Grover money. The judge agreed with our argument that Mr. Turlington, who was an attorney and who had graduated at the top of his class from a prestigious law school, should have investigated our client's statements before he lent the money and that he would have lent the money despite these false statements.

Pace v. Thyssen       Case No. 6:16 ap 01001 in Santa Ana Bankruptcy Court. July 2017. Our client was sued for failing to disclose that his contractor's license had been suspended and for fraud. We won at trial. 

Wolikowitz v. Hooshim, et al    Case No. 2:14 ap 01456 in Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court. May 2016.The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel found that the Trustee had no right to ownership of the trust deeds on our client's property and no jurisdiction to foreclose just as we had alleged in our briefs. The Trustee then appealed the decision by the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. We won at the Ninth Circuit and the Court reversed the foreclosure sale of our client's real property.

Tri Counties Bank v. Lidster    Case No. 12-02661 in Sacramento Bankruptcy Court. March 12, 2014.The Debtor and his parents were sued for providing false financial statements in order to obtain a two mortgages on their property. The case was dismissed after opening statements to the Judge.

Luberto v. Hjelmeset    Case No. 13-05051 in San Jose Bankruptcy Court. February 7, 2014. The Debtor and his business partner admitted that they deliberately filed ten years of false income tax returns stating that the business partner owned an interest in the the Debtor's home. The Trustee attempted to claim that interest and sell it for the benefit of the business partner's creditors. We argued successfully at trial that despite these false income tax returns that the Trustee should not be allowed to sell the property.