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    Our firm was founded in 1973 in Los Angeles. We now have offices in Los Angeles and Pleasant Hill, California.

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  • Our Experience

    Since 1989 our offices have represented clients in over 400 Adversary Proceedings and over 100 Bankruptcy Appeals with a 95% success rate.

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    Our firm understands that “false statements” and/or statutes and laws that appear inflexible usually will not prevent us from winning your case.

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About Us

Our Law Office was founded in 1973. Since 1989 the majority of our cases have involved defending Adversary Proceedings (i.e Lawsuits in the Bankruptcy Court) and filing Bankruptcy Appeals. The Smyth Law Offices are generally regarded as the one of the top firms in California in this area of the law. Our law office is able to see all pleadings in every Bankruptcy Case, every Adversary Proceeding and every Bankruptcy Appeal in any Court in the United States. This enables us to represent clients in every state in the United States and in any Country in the World just as easily and efficiently as if the client was here in California.

Having practiced in this area for so long we have a “feel” for this type of case. There are very few cases that cannot be won outright or at the least settled for “pennies on the dollar”. Many Defendants who may have made false statements and/or who are looking at some apparently harsh and inflexible statutes and laws recited in the Complaint or on the Internet may understandably feel that their case is hopeless. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Written into the Bankruptcy Law is the principle that “The Bankruptcy Code favors Debtors obtaining a discharge and a fresh start”. For this reason false statements and improper behavior is rarely a bar to debt relief. And if the Defendant in an Adversary Proceeding is someone other than the Debtor, the Adversary Proceeding will usually involve a complex mix of facts and law (often state law and federal law). Many times in this mix there is a way to win the case or to force a settlement that is favorable to the Defendant.

Our office does not charge for a consultation or a thorough written evaluation of your case.


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